The Week of the Young Child™ (WOYC) is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The purpose of the Week of the Young Child™ is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs. Visit the NAEYC WOYC website to learn more.

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Week of the Young Child™ is observed next on Saturday, April 10th, 2021.

OKAEYC will host Virtual Training during the week! They will be hosted on Zoom by OKAEYC Board members.  All formal training hours are approved through CECPD.  Each class only costs $5.  Join us for some fun! Register for each session below using the link under the day of the week.

April 10-16, 2021


Music Monday –  Trainer, Jana Cornelius 

For Monday, use the registration link below; 

Music is an everyday activity that is both fun and engaging for children. Recent research shows that when preschool-aged children create music with their peers, they excel in their cognitive development. They also improve their ability to cooperate and get along with other children. In this training, learners will discover how music benefits children’s cognitive and social development. Learners will also be provided specific types of musical activities and teaching strategies that support cognitive and social capacities in children.

Tasty Tuesday – Trainer, Gay Snyder

For Tuesday, use the registration link below;

This training will review current nutrition information for parents of young children and early educators of young children. The topics include:  1) My plate for preschoolers (recommended daily requirements). 2)Fun cooking ideas and videos. 3) Establishing healthy habits. 4) Picky Eaters

Work together Wednesday – Trainer, Caitlyn Pattillo

For Wednesday, use the registration link below;

Join us as we explore how to incorporate teamwork and building together to develop children’s social and early literacy skills! The Goals/Objectives include 1) to better understand how the child understands the connections between choice & consequence. 2) to offer opportunities for children to test hypotheses & build scientific reasoning. 3) to help children understand how to become self-reliant, increase attention span, cooperate with others, and develop self-esteem.

Artsy Thursday – Trainers, Kim Kelly, Stephanie Gray & Rosie Law from Northwest Childcare Resource and Referral

For Thursday, use the registration link below;

This course explores ways teachers can enhance student learning through STEAM activities; Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Music. This course offers a variety of engaging, creative, and hands-on learning experiences.  Individuals will understand and recognize how to used interdisciplinary practices like STEAM through hands-on activities and assessment questions. By doing the activities individuals will meet these objectives: 1) Define the acronym STEAM. 2) Understand the interdisciplinary concepts of STEAM. 3) Recognize strategies for incorporating STEAM activities into the early childhood classroom.  4) Identity/ best practices by using STEAM to create meaningful learning experiences. 5) Understand the Scientific Method.

Family Friday – Trainer, Caitlyn Pattillo

For Friday, use the registration link below;

Join us as we discuss different ways to acknowledge the different roles that families play in children’s learning! The Goals/Objectives include 1) goal setting for your child. 2) providing examples of activities for the home and in the community for families. 3) engaging families in math.

Discover our Daily WOYC Themes!

Kick-off Saturday

Things you can do on Kick-off Saturday

  •  Post a video, blog, or social media post sharing why you celebrate Week of the Young Child and what you do to prepare
  •  Plan a virtual event with your social media community
  •  Share your local proclamation
  •  Take some time for yourself, reorganize, and re-energize so that you’re ready for the week ahead
  •  Create a dancing playlist for Music Monday
  •  Search your kitchen for ingredients for your Tasty Tuesday activity
  •  For Work Together Wednesday, work with other educators in your program to draft a group letter to your elected officials, emphasizing the need to #InvestinECE
  •  Gather your arts and crafts for Artsy Thursday
  •  Draft an email to parents explaining what they should expect during #WOYC and how they can prepare for your Family Friday activities.
Music Monday

When children sing, dance, and listen to music, they develop their language and early literacy skills while being an active and encouraging movement. Make up and record your own unique version of a song or write your own, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #WOYC hashtag.

Visit our resources page for inspiration.

Tasty Tuesday

This fun, food-themed day is about more than just cheese and crackers. Cooking together connects math with literacy skills, science, and more. With the rise in childhood obesity, you can encourage healthy nutrition and fitness habits at home and in the classroom. Create your own healthy snacks and share the recipes and photos of your creations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #woyc hashtag.

Visit our resources page for more ideas on healthy food creations and activities!

Work Together Wednesday

When children build together they explore math and science concepts and develop their social and early literacy skills. Children can use any building material—from a fort of branches on the playground to a block city in the classroom, or a hideaway made from couch pillows at home. Build and share pictures of children’s creations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #woyc hashtag.

Visit our resources page to learn more about how teamwork develops young children’s social and early literacy skills.

Artsy Thursday

Think, problem solve, create! Children develop creativity, social skills, and fine motor skills with open-ended art projects where they can make choices, use their imaginations, and create with their hands. On Artsy Thursday celebrate the joy and learning children experience when engaged in creative art-making. Use any materials—from crayons to paint, clay to crafts! Create and share photos of your children’s creations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #woyc hashtag.

Visit our resources page for articles on encouraging imagination and creativity in children.

Family Friday

Engaging and celebrating families is at the heart of supporting our youngest learners. NAEYC applauds family members’ role as young children’s first and most important teachers. Share pictures and stories about your family on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #woyc hashtag.

Visit our resources page celebrations for more ideas on celebrating young children and their families.

By participating in this event and posting video and/or photos, you are representing that you have written permission from each person in the video and/or photos, and if a child, written permission from the child’s parent or legal guardian, to post the video and/or photos and use the likeness of such person therein. By posting the video and/or photos, you grant NAEYC the right to use the video and/or photo and/or any portion thereof in any manner it so chooses, including, without limitation, posting or sharing the video on NAEYC’s website, Facebook page or Twitter account.