Keeping up to date with the legislative actions of the state is a great way to advocate for children.

Oklahoma Legislature

Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy

Oklahoma is the ONLY state without a law protecting children 8 to 17 with seat belts when riding in the back seat. Yet, car crashes are the #1 cause of death for Oklahoma youth in this age group.
Tell your STATE Representative to vote YES on House Bill 2742 NOW!  The bill addresses this much needed change in the seatbelt law.

Visit to learn more. AAA Oklahoma has been working hard to protect all on our roads, and we especially need your help on this issue.

Click on the TAKE ACTION button below to easily make your voice heard in expanding Oklahoma’s seatbelt law to protect the lives of Oklahoma children. In a world where safety is the highest priority, the law would require seatbelts for all persons in seats at all ages, as AAA recommends.

Voice your support of House Bill 2742. Hopefully, this is the year that this bill makes it to the Governor’s desk for his signature and we can reverse deadly crashes that devastate families and steal our youth.